About us


Red Carpet starts in 2008 as a company focused in the management of the big sports champions in their participation to TV programmes and shows.

Thanks to this exclusive positioning, the agency has quickly evolved and has become the point of reference in the Italian media market for national and international stars casting consultancy.

Dynamic and unique, Red Carpet is also the point of reference for those companies looking for testimonials and talents to endorse their brand, with the support of innovative marketing and communication strategies.

Thanks to the constant connections and partnerships with most of the top brands, production companies, TV channels and networks, the web and digital platforms, Red Carpet has consolidated its positioning as unique consultancy agency in the entertainment and communication business.
Red Carpet has developed a peculiar sensitivity in the search and selection of the “right people” as:


  • working team
  • special guest & testimonial


The experience becomes brand philosophy which express itself into a working method:
People make the difference.

Ellida Bronzetti
Fabrizio Carratù
Elisabetta Bronzetti
Letizia Bronzetti
Loredana Catania
Mattia Lapiana
Nicolò Leone
Isabel Lopez
Manuela Nunnari
Melania Pirastru
Oscar & Bowery

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