01 Feb 2023


Red Carpet has closed an agreement with BAT Italia Spa for content creation services for the glo™ (heated tobacco device) product range.

Red Carpet has developed an engaging social format: the creation of two “mash-ups” on glo™ Italia’s social platforms, named “glo™ more than music”, with the collaboration of two pairs of artists. The format includes the creation of visual content, and more, used within the brand’s Youtube, Instagram and Facebook channels. The artists involved are Baby K, Fred De Palma, Lazza and Rose Villain.

The mash-up created by Baby K and Fred De Palma exclusively for glo™ was also presented during private events held by the brand to celebrate the launch of the new glo™ HYPER X2 device in the cities of Rome, Naples, Catania and Bari in October.

The main objective of the digital project was to promote the new glo™ “HYPER X2”: an innovative, elegant, lightweight and compact product. The device offers a dual mode of use through two buttons, Standard and Boost, which makes it even easier to adjust the intensity.