Celebrity management

01 Feb 2023

Ciro Ferrara guest on 100% Italy

On December 18, Nicola Savino brought his 100% Italia to prime time on TV8 with a special entitled 100% Natale. Playing were exceptionally three VIP couples. They were joined in the course of the evening by other guests, who gave moments of entertainment to the show produced by Banijay Italia.

These were the couples who got into the game with this special date of 100% Italia: “La coppia” composed of Katia Follesa and her husband Angelo Pisani, Ciro Ferrara and Giammarco Tamberi instead formed together the couple “Gli azzurri”, while Asia Argento and Vera Gemma together composed “Le amiche”.

Ciro Ferrara‘s participation in the program was handled by Red Carpet.