01 Feb 2023


The Red Valley Festival 2022, the main music event of the Sardinian summer and one of the biggest electronic, pop and rap music initiatives nationwide, becomes a film, and is available now on Prime Video. The docufilm traces the kermesse’s most exciting moments, enriched by exclusive interviews with artists and backstage footage, and encapsulates the importance of music for the new generations, increasingly a “place” to seek answers and learn lessons.

“Red Valley: we are what we listen to” offers a guide to learn about the new musical languages loved by the new generations. An “explanation” given by the artists themselves about concepts embedded in their songs that turns the spotlight on the importance of dialogue on topics such as love, death, sex, success, nostalgia, democracy, money, all so central to the new generations.

In the beautiful setting of Olbia, each of the artists involved talks about themselves and focuses on the main messages of their songs. Marracash denounces the death of collective identity, Blanco dwells on the complexity of relationships for Generation Z, Fabri Fibra reflects on the relationship between music, fiction and politics, and then Shablo, Mr. Rain, Salmo, Irama, Il Tre, Paola Zukar and Pinguini Tattici Nucleari excited about a fan’s letter. A new and innovative format to reach the new generations and open for them a channel of communication with the talents they identify with.

The underlying mission is that young people today often complain of not having answers from school, institutions and sometimes even family, and so they look for them in music. “Red Valley: siamo quello che ascoltiamo” aims to intercept this need in a difficult attempt to provide guidance in understanding a world that seems to have become too complex.