Celebrity management

09 Feb 2022

Roberto Mancini guest on “C’è Posta per Te”

The Technical Commissioner of the Italian National Team was one of the special guests of the fourth episode of “C’è Posta per Te” that aired on Saturday, January 29, at 9:20 pm.

Roberto Mancini, unforgettable number 10 of Sampdoria and Lazio, has been coaching Italy since 2018, with this team he graduated as European champion at Euro2020, in an unforgettable night in London. He currently is preparing the run-up to the title of champion of the world in occasion of the World Cup in Qatar.

During the episode, the coach gave a smile and a gift to the protagonist of the story.

Roberto Mancini’s participation in “C’é Posta per Te” was handled by Red Carpet for Fascino PGT.